"The yin yoga teacher training program was well designed, flowed so wonderfully and your unique dual delivery of material and experience is delightful. I learned so much, gained clarity both in the whys and hows of Yin Yoga and had powerful personal experiences and new awareness. I had high expectations having experienced your guidance and you exceeded this throughout the weekend. Your love and presence are palpable, genuine and authentic! You are a living example of love in full expression." - Suzanne


"Dennis and Kathy Lang are simply and totally two of the most inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure of befriending!!  I have known Dennis and Kathy for nearly ten years and the transformation that has taken place in that short amount of time is incredible. These two not only talk the talk but they also walk the walk. Watching Dennis and Kathy go from big time executives to relaxed, prana yama breathing, guitar playing, sanskrit chatting, crystal bowl singing, yin yang embodiment, masters of meditation, oh, and did I mention their yoga classes are uplifting, fluid and fun.  I really can’t say enough about how amazing these two are!!! - Terese


"I have had several attempts to try yoga in the past 10 years, each ending with the lack of desire to go back a third or fourth time. Then after a few months, Id try out another place. I was bored, and/or didn't feel like I got anything out of the class. Then I found the amazing "Lang" duo! I don't know if it was just was the right time, the right instructors OR BOTH, but they have me hooked! I finally find the calmness and stretching I was looking for AND enjoy going to each class. Besides offering the BEST background music, this pair teaches a nicely balanced class. They both instruct the class; Dennis takes on the first portion, Kathy finishes up with balance, stretching and shavasana… and occasionally you really luck out when Dennis brings in the Crystal Bowls, or does a guitar solo! - Taylor                                                                           


"I am very grateful to have met Dennis and Kathy - they've have enriched my physical, mental life, along with adding a new friendship."  - Sue


​"I so enjoy your class, the perfect flow, your calming voices, the gentle music and most of all how your love & knowledge of yoga comes through to make our practice enjoyable.  I feel relaxed in your class knowing that it is my “practice” and that I don’t have to be perfect or push myself." - Judy


"I wanted to thank you for providing me, and so many others, with such an incredible experience this past weekend. I needed a few days to let everything sink in, and I am truly grateful that somehow the universe brought you two into my life right when it did. Thank you for making me feel safe. Thank you for allowing me to open up, without judgement, and with full support. Thank you for your kindness, your knowledge, and your generosity. I seriously cannot say enough thank yous! You are two truly special people. Your energies are amazing, and your teachings are absolutely inspirational. I am so thankful to have met you, and to have the opportunity to become a part of your community!" - Julie


"Thank you just doesn't seem big enough, deep enough, for the gratitude I want to express and give to you. From the moment we started the teacher training weekend to our final goodbye, well, it was just right, just perfect, just what I needed. Your humility and generosity in your teaching the workshop and practices are overwhelming." - Rose Mary


"I was an instant fan from the first Yin class I participated in, taught by the Lang's, at Yoga Den. Their combined grounded, genuine energy can be intuitively and authentically felt. Their united vibrations and spirit resonates from class to class, from the moment they began to the last minute of closing. Before I knew it, the Lang's introduced me to their workshops. I expanded my yogi horizon by participating in several "Intro" classes of various styles that I would be hesitant to consider. Over time, I can vouch by experience that their intentions have always remained steady, true and heart-felt, while filled with positivity, invariably inspirational and both constantly exhibits nonjudgmental demeanors. If one wants to be in an environment with such traits, I highly recommend any classes, workshops, etc. with the Lang's." - Kelly


"Dennis and Kathy have developed a unique and powerful yoga program. They have paid attention to every aspect and every dimension of what yoga is really about. They  continue  to learn, to expand, and to deepen their personal journeys. The classes and workshops they teach are rich with the rewards of such dedicated immersion. This is a practice where every soul can sing, every heart can open, the "noise" can cease and every body can know its own beauty." - MaryAnn                                                                

Yoga with Dennis and Kathy