We offer the following Teacher Training Modules
for 200 and 300 hour programs:

Yoga with Dennis and Kathy

Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Lecture with slides:
​• A historical perspective of Yin Yoga and its roots
• Benefits of Yin Yoga
• The Basic 26 postures
• Meridian Theory and the use of Yin Yoga for targeted results
• Yin vs Restorative Yoga
• Yin Yoga for Athletes
• Teaching guidelines and how to design a practice
• Upon completion each student has the tools, practices and resources to lead Yin Yoga classes

• 3 Yin Yoga classes with live music (60 - 90 minutes each) 


​Duration: 14 - 17 hours; content: 50% lecture, 50% practice. Typical hours are Friday night 6 - 9pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday 9am - 4pm. CEU's available.


Dates and locations:​​

​- May 3 - 5 at North Georgia Yoga Center in Dahlonega, GA http://www.ngyoga.com

- July 12 - 14 at Eternal Health Yoga in Louisville, KY http://www.eternalhealthyoga.com/ehy/

- August 2 - 4 at Johns Creek Yoga in Johns Creek, GA (near Atlanta) http://johnscreekyoga.com

​- October 4 - 6 at Fuel Hot Yoga in Athens, GA http://www.fuelhotyoga.com

​- October 25 - 27 at The Yoga Shack in Sarasota, FL https://www.theyogashack.com

- November 8 - 10 at The Yoga Collective in St. Augustine, FL http://www.theyogacollectivestaug.com

​- December 6 - 8 at Bikram Yoga Durham in Durham, NC https://bikramdurham.com


Chakra and Energetic Anatomy Teacher Training

Lecture with slides:

• Discussion on energy types and manifestations
• A western medical perspective and applications
• Historical basis from ancient yogic texts and evolution
• Contrasting theories and views of energetic systems
• Energetic anatomy and conceptual models
• Psycho-physiological interrelationships
• Meridian theory, nadis, chakras, koshas and marma points
• Applications for everyday life


• Asana practices incorporating Kundalini and chakra vinyasa
• Multi-modal layered practices combining methods, e.g, visualization,
​   pranayama and asana with the integration of sound and vibration


​Duration: 14 - 17 hours; content: 50% lecture, 50% practice. Typical hours are Friday night 6 - 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm. CEU's available.


Dates and Locations:
- June 28 - 30 at Discovery Yoga in St. Augustine, FL - http://www.discoveryyoga.com

- September 20 - 22 at Centred on Yoga in Fernandina Beach, FL http://centredonyoga.com
Meditation, Mindfulness, Mantras and Mudras

Lecture with slides:
• History and traditions of meditation and the relationship to ancient texts
• Contemporary practices
• Scientific studies of meditation
• The power of mantras and chanting

• The importance of reciting mantras in their native languages
• Physiological effects of sound and vibration
• Various types of meditation and how to choose one that's right for you


• ​A variety of meditation and mindfulness practices including movement and stillness
• Chanting with live music
• Yin yoga with mudras


​This weekend immersion can also focus on just meditation and mindfulness if needed. Duration: 14 - 17 hours; content: 50% lecture, 50% practice. Typical hours are Friday night 6 - 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm. CEU's available.

Dates and Locations: